Your support reaches beyond barriers and helps bridge the gap between fashion and compassion by:


Supporting local makers in Medellin, Colombia

From indigenous artisans displaced by violence and poverty to a vulnerable population primarily comprised of female heads of home.


Offering a means of upwards social mobility by:

Providing employment opportunities and a steady income of livable wages, connecting makers to a broader market through logistics and design support, and paying per item, rather than per hour.


Location independence + a positive work environment

Whether it’s working from home in order to care for their children or producing in safe conditions our makers are treated with dignity and respect.

Empowerment and encouraging growth is a key part of our purpose. But it's more than just paying a fair wage: it's about truly caring for our talented team, developing long term relationships, and setting them up for success outside of our partnerships. This can mean paying up front for materials, providing on-time payments, and offering business development support.

Our small batch beaded jewelry is individually handmade by our team of seven indigenous Embera artisans who are compensated per item, not by hour. Meaning the more they make, the more they make.

For larger scale production, our designs are ethically produced by members of a vulnerable population in Medellin, primarily of female heads of home, who are provided safe, positive working conditions and compensated justly under a fair payment policy for labor.

Without them, there is no us. Your support makes an incredible impact.

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