Oh, snap - new camera straps!


'm so thrilled to share the newest item in the Fosterie fam with you today...
one-of-a-kind camera straps! These babies are simply BEAUTIFUL and are sure to be a conversation starter whether you're a full time professional photog or never graduated from Photography for Dummies. (Hand up! = me.)

Even though there were some production delays that had me about to snap, I couldn't lose focus of the picture perfect product.. Things finally just clicked, and the image in mind came to life, better than expected. (And now I'm finished with the terrible puns, but that was a 100% true story.)

Inspired by the woven straps on our handbags, we made it camera friendly by removing the fringe (because as cool as it is, no one needs a fringey photo bomb) and adding leather details giving it a clean, sleek appearance. But aside from looks, here are a few of the details that really make these amazing: 

  • Each strap is one-of-a-kind, woven by the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. The weaving technique has been passed from mothers to daughters for generations. Though you may see similar colors and patterns, no two are ever exactly alike. 

  • Even though these straps are handwoven, they're no wimps! They're built to provide a steady hold without stretching.

  • The larger than average width makes them comfy for carrying, even a heavy camera.

  • The cotton woven material is breathable and soft so it won't itch your neck or shoulder. 

  • The fasteners mimic those of trusted photography brand straps so you can feel confident that your precious cargo is safely attached and secure. The black attachment straps and glued and sewn inside the leather piecing, for extra hold.

  • Three ways to wear it! Each strap adjusts up to 53 inches long, so you can comfortably use it as around the neck, on the shoulder, or cross-body style. 

  • The leather is locally sourced in Colombia. Each strap is completed by hand by a small batch leather smith in Medellin. 

  • For each bag sold, $1 is donated to help aid in providing food, water, and basic needs to the community and children of Colombia.

On a personal note, these were an absolute blast to make. Unlike the leather handbags, the consideration of the overall aesthetic and how it will work into someone's wardrobe or lifestyle was less of a factor, and the ability to use loads of color and try new things really got to shine. (Hello, there's a snake skin in the collection!) I'm a huge fan of photography and it was so fun to put together an accessory that pro's and hobbyists alike could appreciate. Whether you love neonsneutrals, or need solids for your job, I tried to include a little something for everyone. 

With love and good lighting ;)


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