• Apuni Mochila Bag

    Apuni Mochila Bag
    Hello Friends!  Meet our newest bags, the Apuni Mochila! Apuni means "three" in the Wayuu language, chosen to represent the three colors in each bag. Though many are of the tan, black, and pop color variety (hellooo hot pink!) others versions range from tonals to brights - but always a trio and always striking. Just like the rest of our Mochilas, the Apuni's are one-of-a-kind, handwoven by women...
  • Ooh la Leather!

    Ooh la Leather!
    Sooo, I've been keeping a few little secrets and it's (finally!) time to spill the beans! But first, the backstory...For those who might not be aware, my nomad days have come to a temporary halt and we've been spending loads of time in Medellin, Colombia. Since the moment we arrived, inspiration was everywhere and I was in color lover heaven! From the gorgeous handwoven Mochila...
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